Legend- Custom lithium ion battery manufacturer

Legend was founded in 2014. Initially, we distributed brand 18650 and 21700 battery cells, such as Panasonic, Murata(Sony), Samsung, LG, Molicel, and more. We set up our Li-ion battery pack manufacturing department in 2016 and our SMT facility in 2018. With 300 professional employees, a strong engineering team, and 5000㎡ ISO14001 and ISO9001 certificated production facilities, we can offer matched and affordable Li-ion battery pack solutions.

Legend is an experienced Lithium ion battery supplier who are specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing Lithium-ion battery packs which are widely used for FPV, Robot, UAV, Efoil, AGV, light electric vehicles, and other portable devices. Our excellent engineering team not only can offer Lithium-ion battery solutions for normal applications and also for special applications, including High and Low temperature, Water-proof, and Explosion-proof.

Our custom lithium ion battery manufacturing Facility

Legend Battery is a professional lithium ion battery factory with advanced manufacturing technology. We offer high-quality lithium-ion battery packs, including 18650, 21700, and LiFePO4 battery packs. We also produce lithium polymer battery packs. They are widely used in electric vehicles, portable electronic devices, and energy storage.

Why choose Legend Battery as your lithium-ion battery supplier

What Our Other Customers Say About LEGEND

We are very satisfied at LEGEND. Whether the order is big or small, we can always get what we need. The electronics engineers from Legend are especially professional. We like working with them very much.

Daniel from USA

Legend’s manufacturing facility is amazing. A highly automatic assembly line makes a deep impression on me. With their help, there are few complaints from our end customers.

Julie from USA

Li-ion batteries are dangerous goods, so they must have a perfect package. This can protect it against damage. I like Legend’s packaging; it is perfect. This small detail shows that Legend does everything very carefully. So, no need to worry about anything when working with them.

Nancy from UK

I have to say that Legend has a very strong battery cell supply chain. We can always get the Samsung LG Panasonic Murata/Sony and Molicel 18650 21700 cells we want. There is even a very serious shortage in the market. Legend is surely LEGEND!

Hoffman from Germany

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