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High and low temperature/waterproof/explosion-proof

lithium-ion battery pack

Our strong engineering team can offer you Lithium-ion battery solutions not only for normal applications but also for special applications, such as High&Low temperature(-50°C-85°C), Water-proof (IPX7 IPX8 etc.) and Explosion-proof(T1~T4, ATEX, IIA, IIB, Ia, Ib).

LEGEND High&Low temperature Li-ion battery

  • Excellent low temperature resistance performance:  discharge at -50°C
  • Excellent high temperature resistance performance: stored more than 8 hours at 85°C, charge and discharge normally at 85°C
  • Wide working temperature range: charge and discharge at -40°C-85°C normally

 High temperature Li-ion and Li-Po battery

  • Highest discharge temperature: 85°C
  • Highest store temperature: 85°C for 48 hours
  • High temperature cycle life at 85°C: up to 200 cycles
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 Low temperature Li-ion and Li-Po battery


  • Lowest discharge temperature: -50°C
  • Lowest charge temperature: -40°C
  • Low temperature cycle life at -40°C: up to 300 cycles
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LEGEND Waterproof Li-ion battery

If you are designing underwater equipment or like underwater sports, then an excellent waterproof Li-ion battery solution will be very important for you.

Where you can get this waterproof Li-ion battery? Contact LEGEND, our engineer team will offer you excellent IPX7 IPX8 waterproof Li-ion battery solution, with strong structure strength housing, customized waterproof wire connector, waterproof touch switch, which can work in the depth of 100m underwater.

LEGEND Explosion-proof Li-ion battery

When working in coal mine, oil and gas well, it is very important for workers to use instrument with Explosion-proof function, such as Explosion-proof lighting, Explosion-proof decector etc. The lithium ion battery in this instrument MUST be Explosion-proof. Where you can find the high realibility and safety performance Li-ion battery solution? Please contact LEGEND, the special Explosion-proof Li-ion battery engineer team had been offering excellent Explosion-proof Li-ion battery solution for our customers since 2014, we can offer Explosion-proof Li-ion battery meet the standard of T1~T4, ATEX, IIA, IIB, Ia, Ib etc.

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