Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers In USA


The world of technology continues to witness the creation and development. These numerous inventions aim to make different applications more accessible and practical. Among these innovations are lithium-ion batteries. They use lithium ions as the main charge carriers. These batteries are many devices’ most common and widely used energy sources. They are a reusable and reliable power source for cell phones, laptops, and electric vehicles. They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
The United States represents about 6% of the world’s lithium-ion battery manufacturers. This article will reveal the top lithium-ion battery manufacturers in USA.

Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers In USA

China dominates battery manufacturing, accounting for 80% of the global share. However, battery manufacturers in the USA are developing rapidly. They hope to close this immense distance and place themselves at the top of the market. This section reveals the USA’s top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

1. Tesla, Inc: Electric Independence

Undoubtedly, Tesla is one of the most popular car brands in the world. Tesla is a titan in the lithium-ion battery space. The company’s influence stems mostly from its electric vehicles. This reinforces its mission to combine transportation with reliable energy systems. Tesla boasts several big factories where it produces lithium-ion batteries. These next-generation facilities pour valuable time and resources into making quality energy products that cater to Tesla’s power needs. As a result, the company can control its entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Hence, it ensures quality as well as versatility in production.

2. Panasonic Cooperation: The Collaborators

Another popular name in the tech world is Panasonic Cooperation. Panasonic Holdings Cooperation Link is a multinational electronics company located in Osaka, Japan. The company bases most of its operations in Asia. But its reputation as a lithium-ion battery manufacturer comes from its alliance with Tesla. Here, it brings its mastery of the lithium-ion manufacturing process into the union. This collaboration started with Panasonic supplying Tesla with battery cells. It contributes to the success of many of its electronic vehicle models.

3. Microvast

As one of the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers in USA, Microvast is a reputable pioneer in the swift-charge batteries. Microvast is based in Stafford, Texas, and is a member of the “Scientific Research and Development Services Industry.” It has a small employee size. The company is working to improve lithium-ion batteries through cost reduction and efficiency.

4. A123 Systems, LLC

The list of lithium-ion battery manufacturers in USA will be complete with A123 Systems, LLC. This company is a subsidiary of the Wangxiang Group in China. It is a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and storage systems. They specialize in producing battery systems for various applications. These include electric vehicles, power tools, race cars, and even grids. Lithium-ion batteries are resilient and produce constant power to avoid interruptions during power supply.

5. EnerSys

Since its founding in 1999, EnerSys has enjoyed more than two decades of success. It remains a proud leader in providing various energy solutions to customers. This company is one of the USA’s top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Moreover, it has a mission to provide continuous power supply for different applications. These applications rely on lithium-ion batteries. The ranges are from telecom systems to transportation and large-scale supply for energy pipelines.

6. Livent: Powerful Entrance

Livent came into the lithium-ion battery systems scene in 2018 and can be referred to as a newcomer. However, its recent origins maintain the company’s achievements.
Livent is one of the top lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the USA and functions as a versatile battery producer. The company aims to be the primary source for all lithium-ion battery-related needs. Furthermore, the company branches into and supplies various fields.

7. Duracell Inc

Another giant in lithium-ion battery manufacturing is Duracell. It is famous for its alkaline batteries. The company originated in the 1920s and has since been a key player in producing dependable battery systems. Duracell adapts to the current digital era by developing renewable lithium-ion batteries. This powers numerous systems.

8. LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution is a South Korean company that split from its parent company, LG Chem, in 2020. They began a battery-focused business. This comes from its dedication to coping with the demands of global automotive manufacturers. The company is Korean. But it is one of the biggest battery suppliers in the USA. Its extensive operations involve supplying lithium-ion batteries to automotive giants. These include Ford, Volvo, and Audi. In addition, the company provides lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. They support a sustainable future by providing dependable batteries to its customers. Hence, they promote the widespread use of renewable energy solutions.

9. Samsung SDI America

Samsung SDI America is a branch of the Samsung Group in South Korea. It aligns with the parent company’s goal of becoming the true number one in green energy solutions. Samsung SDI America produces lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, IT devices, and energy storage systems. This active contribution reduces carbon emissions and promotes innovative energy solutions.

10. East Penn Manufacturing Co

East Penn is a private, family-owned enterprise. It operates the world’s largest single-site battery manufacturing facility. The company has an impressive and diverse product line that makes it a powerful presence in the industry. East Penn’s transition into lithium-ion battery manufacturers is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation. This was after recognizing the significance of renewable energy for applications. The enterprise combines its traditional strengths with modern technologies. Therefore, it continues to establish its dominance as a leader in providing battery solutions.


In conclusion, the landscape of lithium-ion battery manufacturing in the USA is rapidly evolving. The above manufacturers share a common commitment to advance clean energy solutions. Therefore, they play a critical role in shaping the future of renewable energy storage. They constitute only a tiny percentage of the global lithium-ion battery manufacturing space. But the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the USA are trailblazers. They will lead the charge to move the world toward a greener tomorrow.