Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In China


Do you want to purchase lithium ion batteries? Then, you can find numerous lithium ion battery manufacturers. But the selection job could be challenging for you. You can search for the several features associated with this selection. You can use Li-ion batteries in everyday appliances and commercial applications. Thus, only the best the manufacturer can produce durable and reliable batteries that can last long.
For many favorable reasons, these batteries became popular in the market. This blog is a guide as you will get introduced to the top manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries in China.

The best ten lithium ion battery manufacturers

With technological advancement, lithium-ion battery becomes the top choice of everybody due to their excellent performance. The quick charging ability helps users charge the battery in the minimum time. For example, you can fully charge the battery in two hours. Similarly, its charging lasts for an extended period. Eventually, your battery can function for more than four years if you handle it with care.
Every product might differ in specifications for the batteries. So, the li-ion batteries come in various types to meet their requirements. You can choose them depending on your usage.

1. Shenzhen legend battery Co., Ltd

lithium ion battery manufacturers

Among the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers, Shenzhen legend battery is one of the renowned companies. They established this company in 2014, and since then, this company worked with the most advanced technology. Initially, they supplied the batteries to the world’s top brands. Later on, after 2016, they started manufacturing lithium battery packs, marking another successive approach in their further development.
What makes them special is their technical team. Their team specializes in designing, producing, and implementing innovative technology for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, their highly efficient batteries serve various industries, including portable devices, electric vehicles, robots, etc.
This company comes under the list of lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Thus, they provide economical li-ion battery solutions in the highly competitive world. You can even get battery solutions for specific conditions. Some batteries could work on different temperature settings, and others work with different environmental conditions.

2. BYD Co., LTD

top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers

The top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers list expands to BYD Company. In 1995, they came into existence. Since then, they adopted advanced technology in designing the batteries. You can take an idea about their services as they cover a major industry sector, including automobile, IT, etc.
In addition, the most important feature to discuss here is that they have great experience in manufacturing lithium ion batteries. They manufacture different lithium batteries that clients commonly use in everyday routines.

3. EVE Battery Co., Ltd

lithium ion battery manufacturer

EVE battery fits in the list of China’s top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers. The company got into existence in 2001 in China. They work on the core technology for producing the best lithium batteries for their clients. Similarly, they have the expertise to design three types of lithium batteries, primary Li-ion batteries, Consumer Li-ion, and cylindrical cells.
Every battery they design and manufacture results in specifications that makes them unique. In addition to it, you can find their versatile uses.  The best feature they introduce for their prestigious clients is the customization of the Li-ion batteries. It lets clients choose the requirements they want to have in the battery. They fall under the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in China.

4. Everbest Energy Co., Ltd

The list of top lithium ion battery manufacturers includes Everest Energy Company. You can locate their headquarter in Shenzhen province, whereas their manufacturing unit is in Guangzhou. Their team specializes in research and development and then designs and manufactures Li-ion batteries. The affordable prices they set always encourage clients to purchase their batteries.
You can avail their batteries for household appliances to commercial products. In addition to this, they are the custom lithium ion battery manufacturers. So, if you want to design customized sizes or even specs for the batteries, they can provide you with them.

5. Tianjin Lishen Battery joint-stock Co., Ltd

In the list of best lithium ion battery manufacturers, Lishen Battery Company is quite popular. They established this company in 1997. With high-quality lithium ion batteries, they promise their customers with the best manufactured products.
Similarly, they provide customers with premium batteries of different categories. For example, you can find the list below.

  • Cylindrical battery
  • Power Battery
  • Polymer battery
  • Prismatic battery

Thus, you can share your requirements with their team and get the specific battery designed.

6. Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd

Sunwoda Company is on the list of the biggest lithium ion battery manufacturers. They are one of the leading companies that earned a great name in the manufacturing of lithium batteries. Then, they implement high technology in designing the batteries with the most innovative and latest features.
Their team of engineers always conducts thorough research about the technology they implement in designing the batteries. After performing several quality assurance tests, they finalize the products for their clients. Thus, it encourages them to produce high-quality batteries.
They not only fulfill the market requirement in China but also export worldwide. For detailed information, you can go through the company’s website.

7. Zhejiang GBS Energy Co., Ltd

Zhejiang has a popular name among the largest lithium ion battery manufacturers. They got established in 2007. Then, they provide you with the best-designed, high-tech lithium ion batteries that exhibit great efficiency. Every lithium ion battery manufacturing process executes under the same roof. Thus their unique work system makes every process integrate with the other process.
They specialize in manufacturing various battery products that work on a specific capacity of 20Ah to more than 300Ah. With an excellent quality inspection team, they can monitor and control over battery’s quality at each stage of production. Their product category includes manufacturing battery cells, modules, packs, and systems.

8. Wuhan Fort Battery Co., Ltd

Wuhan Fort Battery Company is one of the best manufacturers in the list of lithium-ion battery manufacturers. They produce innovative designs and technology for designing high-energy lithium batteries but also provide quality batteries. As a large manufacturer, they divided their batteries into two categories; 3.6V Li-SOCl2 and 3.0V Li-MnO2. These two categories have their specifications related to their output power and efficiencies.
Moreover, they impress clients with their safe and reliable batteries with their efficient customer service.

9. Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd

Among the list of lithium-ion battery manufacturers, this company came into existence in 1998. Initially, they manufactured nickel metal hydride batteries. However, with advanced technology, they began manufacturing lithium batteries. You can visit them and find lithium polymer, lithium ion battery cells, and lifePO4 batteries they manufacture. They even manufactured pouch-cell lithium batteries back in 2007.
The lithium ion battery manufacturing process helps them design the batteries into versatile shapes and even sizes for user convenience. Not only in China, but you can buy their product globally.

10. Hunan CTS Technology Co., Ltd

The lithium-ion battery manufacturers include the name Hunan CTS Company. With an experience of over ten years, they have been designing and manufacturing Li-ion batteries. Their engineering team extensively works to produce innovatively designed lithium batteries for you. Similarly, their services expand from manufacturing a battery cell to a battery pack.
Then, they work for thirsty battery cells. Moreover, they can provide li-ion batteries for versatile purposes like telecommunication products, electric vehicles, cleaning services, etc. You can opt for them and avail the best lithium ion batteries.

How to choose the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in China?

Panasonic cylindrical lithium ion cells

As you know, there are numerous producers of lithium ion batteries in China, and selecting one manufacturer can be difficult. You can review the above list regarding the Chinese lithium ion battery manufacturers. Here are some points that can help you decide better about the best company.

  • Technology

Look for lithium-ion battery manufacturers who work with the most advanced technology in designing batteries. The more advanced technology a company works with, the more efficient results in delivers to the batteries.
Technology can further elevate the performance of a battery. For instance, it results in fast charging for the battery, etc. Such features always attract customers to make a purchase.

  • High operational temperature

The temperature lithium batteries operate on is crucial for you to know. If the battery they designed can operate at high temperatures, then it’s great for the users.

  • Less weight

In the list of top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers, you shall choose the one that designs lightweight batteries for you.

  • Prices

Lastly, prices are the primary factor that can persuade you to buy or not Li-ion batteries. You can compare the price ranges of the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Select a manufacturer that you consider comes under your budget.


You have seen many lithium-ion battery manufacturers who manufacture lithium ion batteries. Your decision to purchase from a specific one depends on the above features. Thus, the company that provides you with the best batteries with highly innovative technology is the best choice. Also, choose one that offers you premium quality at budget-friendly rates.